our model

We launched FP with a very clear mandate; to challenge the way people bought and manufactured clothing. We wanted to apply the bespoke apparel model to everyday clothing items. So we decided Denim, a traditionally dirty and fickle product to work with, was a good place to start! And thus, we created First Principles. Our mission is to make clothes that are timeless, seasonless, and trendless, so you can keep them forever. We believe shopping sustainably means investing in staple pieces that are built to last and can be repaired and repurposed, and that’s exactly how we make our jeans. We only cut fabric once an order is placed and reuse all our off-cuts so no square of denim is thrown away.

In June 2020, FP launched its ready-to-wear offering, which includes a small selection of our best selling custom designs available in standard sizes via our website. We are committed to keep production runs small and ensure that we are balancing low-waste practices with accessibility.

how is made-to-order the more sustainable option?

The fashion industry has become the 2nd most pollutive globally, driven by excessive textile waste, inventory mismanagement and overconsumption. Around 35% of textile materials end up as waste pre-sale and the average lifetime of clothing has halved over the last 15 years.

Made-to-order fashion slows down the entire production process, which prevents over consumption and excessive waste. It also changes the customer’s approach to buying their clothes. By inviting them to be a part of the design and production process, customers are more aware of their consumption patterns and will likely take greater care to look after their clothes. Made-to-order fashion is slow fashion.

our production

We have made very deliberate partnership choices when it comes to selecting our denim suppliers. Our founders have travelled to Japan to see the mills and manufacturing facilities in person. FP is proud to source its denim from mills who are committed to eco-friendly, organic and artisanal production processes. We have sourced denim from a number of Japanese mills, include Kurabo, who are leading the way in developing eco-friendly fabrics and techniques, including rolls made entirely out of recycled denim. We are always looking for ways to improve our own sustainability efforts as this is a core principle of the brand and the business.

FP is proud to be Melbourne based and Melbourne made. We are big on partnering with local specialists and artisans wherever possible, and having our jeans cut, sewn and finished here in Australia has been a goal of ours since the very beginning.

In Jan 2020, we partnered with a denim manufacturer based Braybrook, Victoria and have worked closely with them ever since. #supportlocal

FP works with Richmond Industrial Laundry to wash and treat all its denim apparel. Richmond Industrial Laundry has been servicing the community for over 33 years, and are specialists in the treatment of fabrics and garment dyeing and finishing services for commercial bulk orders across the Australian textile and fashion industry.

We are always looking for ways to reduce our water usage and the team at Richmond Industrial Laundry are always there to help us find solutions to reach our environmental goals.

our commitment

FP is a young and hungry brand, and we feel very strongly about a handful of things. We also want our friends and family to hold us accountable, to help us learn, to give us tips, and come on the journey with us as we strive to meet our impact goals.

We have outlined 5 principles that make us who we are. We love talking about these so feel free to reach out to us on social media or through email to learn more!

our principles

We are fast-fashion disruptors who want to change the way people shop for and make denim jeans.

We offer a tech-enabled solution to custom manufacturing through our 3D design tool.

We are a premium denim concierge known for our thoughtful approach to a traditionally dirty process.

We are proud to be made in Melbourne and look to partner with local suppliers wherever possible.

We are a small but mighty (growing) team, built to reflect her diversity of our FP custom base.

There is no doubt that made-to-measure is a more involved and time-consuming process, that often comes at a premium to your traditional retail alternatives.  We like to think that if you invest time, effort (and money) in designing a key denim piece for your wardrobe, you’re likely to wear it for longer, care for it better, and ultimately reduce your overall textile and apparel ‘consumption’ over the life of that piece. It means instead of buying two or three pairs of jeans over a year, none of which fit quite the way you want or look the way you had hoped, you invest in a made-to-order pair, where you are in control of how it fits and what it looks like. If you do a stocktake in your wardrobe of the denim you have collected over the years that you don’t love, the dollars quickly add up and you might have actually saved yourself some money (and heartache) if you had chosen a custom pair in the first place.

– Rannia Al-Salihi, Founder